Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Тvvхийн Шижим

"U.S. Recognition Urged For Outer Mongolia" by Justice Douglas (written on September 29, 1961 - a month later on October 27, 1961 Mongolia became a member of UN)

+ "Монголчуудын сэтгэлгээ нээлттэй хэвээр ажээ"

+ "Mongolia and the United Nations - 6 decades and counting"


“I have to say at the risk of blasphemy that I found the Supreme Court an unimpressive institution,” [Richard Posner] wrote. “I was stunned to discover that Supreme Court Justices didn’t write all their own judicial opinions ([Justice William O.] Douglas did—and his were the weakest, though not because he was dumb—rather because he was bored)
"Rhetoric and Law: The double life of Richard Posner, America’s most contentious legal reformer"