Friday, January 27, 2012

Has Anyone Heard of Beer Hall Putsch?

Манай хувьсгалч найзууд нэр дэвших эрхтэй болсон надад баяр хүргэхийн хамт миний нөхрийг "өрөвдөж" өнөө орой пивоны ширээний ард цуглаж ярилцлаа. Бидний хүрсэн шийдэл бол "ХУВЬСГАЛ ГАРЦААГҮЙ!!!"
Setguulch Uyanga

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Note for Magnai (chihshig)

The questions people seem to come back to over and over again is: to what extent can one change the current system from within, and can one compromise with it? How do you answer these questions?

You can't change this system from within. Its founding principles are corruption, hypocrisy, and cynicism. If you join this system, your main instruments become corruption, hypocrisy, and cynicism, and it's impossible to build anything with such instruments. I have my own experience with trying to reform the system from within -- I spent a year in Kirov [as an advisor to the Kirov governor] -- and I've also seen the experience of other wonderful people, like [former finance minister] Aleksei Kudrin, who became part of the system instead of changing it.

People who talk about changing the system from within are lying. They're trying to justify their own hypocritical position, to defend the fact that, as part of the system, they're deriving material or political benefits from it.

So then what's the plan? How do you change the system?

You can change the system using a tool invented by human civilization. This tool is called "democracy" and "free elections." We need to have free elections. Then we need to participate in these elections and win, to show that our principles for building a government, unlike those of corruption and cynicism, are better.
The End of Putin: Alexey Navalny on why the Russian protest movement will win

Addendum: One of the best recent films on this subject: Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

Larry Summers on Education

Unabashedly lucid Larry Summers asks the following question and gives a six-point answer:

Suppose the educational system is drastically altered to reflect the structure of society and what we now understand about how people learn. How will what universities teach be different?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo of the Day: Faces

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Checks and Balances

Suuliin uyed AH zasgiin gazraas garsand haramsaad barahguy baigaa humuus neleed bii bolson bololtoy. Deputatiin uner avsan zarim ni bur ene uil yavdliig Mongol Ulsiin tusgaar togtnoliig busnuilj baigaa hereg gej uzeh ni holguy baina. End nuhduud bogino hugatsaanii togtvortoy baidliig bodood urt hugatsaanii ur dagavariig tootsohguy shig baih yum. Neg talaasaa ene bol ugaasaa daraagiin songuuliig amdan hiij bui zailshguy alham. Harin ch iim shiidver garaaguy baisan bol AH-iin udirdlagiin tenegiig gaihaad barahguy baih bailaa. Uls tur gedeg bol yuruusuu daisnaa todorhoiloh urlag. Ted buruu, harin bid zuv gesnii undsen deer uls turiin huchiig olj avdag. Bi chi dee tulahguy neg tsul zuil yavaad baival tegeed hend ni songogchid sanalaa uguh bolj baina?

Nuguu talaasaa ene bol Mongoliin ardchilliin suuri yadaj ungun taldaa buh baigaag haruulsan yavdal. Olon namiin togtoltsoog bid 1990 ond haa hamaaguy shaltgaanaar songooguy shuu dee. Neg nam nuguuhiinhuu huchiig hazaarlaj baij ardchilal bat buh boldog. Harin ch hoyor gol nam hoyul hamtdaa uvur turiidee orood baival bid sanaa zovoh uchirtay (harin AH "tuuhen uurgee guitsetgesen" ene ter bol tusdaa asuudal). Uuruur helbel AH zasgiin gazraas garsnaar Mongoliin ardchilal yadaj uragshlaaguy yum aa gehed aragsh uharsan aldaagaa zassan yavdal bolson yum.

Addendum: I am proud of the fact that we can say something like this in public without any fear of political persecution whatsoever. In the end, this is what will save us, not revolution: