Tuesday, August 04, 2015

May their Eternal Blue Sky give them strength!

Still relevant after 25 years...

It is but natural that now, after so many years of silence and taboos on the one hand, and of loud distortion of the truth on the other, it is not easy to keep up with the growing freedom: to find the right ways of how to treat the heavy burden of the past and solve the problems of a ruined economy. It is easier to refuse the near past and turn to the earlier traditions, the glory of the ancestors, than to answer the questions of today's distress.

Yesterday's men of power claimed anything old was wrong, now there is another danger to believe anything old is right. And yesterday's uneven friend ships and lame internationalism fed an ill and clandestine nationalism or even chauvinism. This is now a sad commonplace in most societies that have just taken off the totalitarian uniform, and not only in them. Nevertheless it is sure that a healthy national identity, based on realities and accompanied with mutual international understanding, is badly needed for the Mongols to emerge from the present crisis.

May their Eternal Blue Sky give them strength and time for doing so!
from "Baabar's 'Don't Forget!': Analysis of a Mongolian Social Democrat's Treatise, 1990" by György Kara. Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae. Vol. 46, No. 2/3 (1992/93), pp. 283-287