Sunday, December 04, 2011

Saturday Night Music

"Цагаан цайлган сэтгэл шиг
Цасан цайдам алсалж
Өврийн илчээ цантуулсан
Өвлийн тал минь цавцайна аа"

I wonder where has all this great aesthetic sensibility gone. I guess sometimes in culture, as in economy, we regress.

Addendum: Lunch with the FT: Donald Keene

Yasunari Kawabata (try Snow Country), Yukio Mishima (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion) and Junichiro Tanizaki (The Makioka Sisters) all worried that their country was beginning to lose its soul and, in their different ways, tried to rescue and to memorialise it before it got ravaged, so to speak, by the west.
+ Tyler Cowen on whether we are stagnating aesthetically


Anonymous said...

Нээрээ л хаачсан юм бол доо? "Дууны шүлгийн хаан" Дагвадорж шиг, Норовбанзад, Жамсранжав шиг хүмүүс төрөхгүй байна уу. Эсвэл аахар шаахар өдөр тутмын зүйлсдээ дарагдсаар гарч ирэхгүй байна уу.


metamorphoser said...

Only one advice at the moment: do not go into the pot with full of boiling rubbishes, just help them to be stirred until spoiled one. Then it itself boost internally to urge reverse force. But be clean and remain yourself.

Sometimes I believe myself that i am living in age of Milton!