Monday, November 24, 2008

This and That

Is there a new class war in Britain?
'Tis the Season to Ace Your Performance Review + Америкт MТ-гийн салбарт ажиллах залуустаа
Jeff Koons at Fifty
"Everyone’s Watching" by James Surowiecki
A Nobel Undertaking: Getting to Know Le Clézio + Why No Trans-Atlantic Hits
Forensic economists examine the effects of CIA-led coups on the stock market? - very interesting!
How to kill time on the Web now that the election's over.
"Think Hard, It’Ll Come Back to You" by Woody Allen

Who Killed Wall Street?
The root of this financial crisis is the tension between wanting to spread risk and not understanding its consequences by Ken Arrow
Three Trends and a Train Wreck by Tyler Cowen
Bernanke Is Fighting the Last War - WSJ Weekend Interview with Anna Schwartz
The End of Libertarianism: The financial collapse proves that its ideology makes no sense.

Sarah Palin's War on Science
"The best recipe for avoiding a global recession" by Jeffrey Sachs
Open Yale - Game Theory with Professor Ben Polak
Tumult Touches Emerging Nations
Noble lies and perpetual war: Leo Strauss, the neo-cons, and Iraq
The pendulum swings towards regulation
But Have We Learned Enough? by Greg Mankiw
Close to the wind: Russia’s oligarchs - Deripaska-giin Mongoliig ezegneh tuluvluguu nuran unah ni dee huurhii hehe
Donald Rumsfeld: The Change Agent: Atlantic correspondent Robert D. Kaplan takes a fresh look at the legacy of the former secretary of defense.

"What Vietnam teaches us" by Henry Kissinger
FT: Understanding the Energy Challenge
"The Glories of Yiddish" by Harold Bloom
The IMF's new scheme to help emerging economies weather financial trumoil
Astral Weeks is the best album ever made? - The Guardian on Van Morrison
Easy Listening For Uneasy Listeners - not the best collection, though it works
Did people who knew about secret, CIA-led coups use that information to game the stock market?

"Thumbspeak: Is texting here to stay?" by Louis Menand
"The Soul Singer: A mezzo with the most potent voice since Callas."
The Week In Books: Their name is read - Turkey in full colour
"The Trust Crunch" by James Surowiecki
Guide to piano & keyboard series: Lesson 1: The basics
The Oracle: The many lives of Arianna Huffington.
Taking Hard New Look at a Greenspan Legacy
Michael Cera, Making The Perfect 'Playlist'

Seven Questions: Thomas Friedman’s Plan for a Hot, Flat, and Crowded World
The First Law of Petropolitics
The Rationality of Panic
Bad, or worse: A global recession is almost certainly on the way
"The Dismal Questions" for the presidential candidates from Stiglitz, Hubbard, and Scholes
Can China Save the Global Economy? - China bailing-out the US?

Төсвийн зарлагад реформ хийх алтан боломж бүрдлээ
The rest is silence: America's universities sheltered David Foster Wallace—and almost ruined his writing
Main Street vs. Wall Street: The financial bailout isn’t as bad as Main Street thinks. It’s worse.
Twelve Virtues of Rationality
Mackerel Economics in Prison Leads to Appreciation for Oily Fillets: Packs of Fish Catch On as Currency, Former Inmates Say; Officials Carp

Development Doesn't Require Big Government: Poor countries are learning the wrong lessons from the crisis
The American Future - review of Simon Schama's new book by Niall Ferguson (Schama the modern age Kerouac?)
Defining a 'political economist'
You Say Depression, I Say Recession: Are we talking about the same thing?
Autumn and essences by Harry Eyres
3 Simple Ways to Master Reading for Study
Effective reading skills - PDF from BBC Learning English
Effective Reading from UNSW