Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Вүүди Алленд Амжиж Илгээх Захиа

Thanks Tuya for writing this brilliant letter in behalf of me :)

Dear Woody Allen,

I've been pondering upon lately about passage of our dear colleague Norman [Mailer] from this world. As it seems certainly that the same fate awaits both of us in the future, I sat today wondering how should I effectively fight the dilemma of us never been formally introduced to each other. The sole consolation perhaps to my worries come the facts that Dante never met his Virgil and neither Nietzsche was able to shake hands with Dostoyevsky. Thereupon I shall rest my mind in peace and resume my humble admiration of your art.

Yours remaining,
[Tuvshin's] right palm.


Anonymous said...


Are there lots to think, buddy?

clouds said...

Henry Rollins letter to Woody Allen:

Anonymous said...

bi angli hel anhlan suragch l daa.
"in behalf of me", "on behalf of me"-iin yalgaa yu be. Zaaj uguuch.

Tuvshin said...

@Clouds: Hahaha, looks like Woody receives helluva lot of letters. And most of them are complaining :P

@anonymous: "§ 169. in behalf of / on behalf of
A traditional rule holds that in behalf of and on behalf of have distinct meanings. Accordingly, you should use in behalf of to mean “for the benefit of,” as in We raised money in behalf of the earthquake victims. And you should use on behalf of to mean “as the agent of, on the part of,” as in The guardian signed the contract on behalf of the child. But as the two meanings are quite close, the phrases are often used interchangeably, even by reputable writers."


bi said...

angli hel anhlan surch baigaa gesen hund angliar tailbarlaad ogchihoor chini yaj oilgoh ve dee. sain meddeg heleer ni oilguulaad ogooch!!! :P

Tuvshin said...

Uuchlaaray Anonymous. Yur ni bol yag orig durmeeree "in behalf of" geheeree hen negnii tusiin tuld gesen gesen sanaag gargah bol "on behalf of" geheeree hen negnii umnuus ni hiih gesen utgiig ilerhiilne. Yur ni bol minii ajiglasnaar humuus ter bolgon ene hoyoriig yalgaad baidagguy.

Ачболд said...

Hahaha. That letter was great.

Renegade said...

de rien de rien