Monday, October 29, 2007

This and That

Assessment of Corruption in Mongolia - Final Report (2005)

The major finding of the report, consistent with other quantitative and qualitative studies conducted previously, is that opportunities for corruption are increasing in Mongolia at both the “petty” or administrative and “grand” or elite levels. Both types of corruption should be of concern to Mongolians, but grand corruption should be considered a more serious one because it solidifies linkages between economic and political power that can negatively impact or ultimately derail democracy and development, as it has in other post-Communist countries.

[...]There is, in fact, time for Mongolians and the international community to nurture these efforts and take further action before the corruption problem gets out of hand. In general, the main need in Mongolia is for effective disincentives for corrupt behavior at both the administrative and political level. In its broadest configuration, this implies a strategy of increasing transparency and effective citizen oversight, as well as intra-governmental checks and balances. Without these major changes, administrative reforms may provide some small improvements, but they are unlikely to reverse current trends.

Bayesian Heresy prediction:
Anti corruption consultants will make more money in the next five years than any other development consultancy.If you want an easy job at a multilateral institution do your research on corruption or institutions

Random Quote: President Bush and President Enkhbayar of Mongolia Sign the Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact

"PRESIDENT ENKHBAYAR: We have to always remember, and I know that those are the people who elect us, and sometimes criticize us and say whatever they think about us.

PRESIDENT BUSH: So it happens there as well? (Laughter.)"


clouds said... - ingej tsag, ug, ner toriin garz bolj yaadag baina

Tuvshin said...

Suuliin hed honog blogspot ajilsanguy yu, ali esvel minii internet bolsonguy yu? Yuruusuu blog ruugaa orj chadahguy bailaa.

Anh Bush-iig Mongold ailchlah uyer ni Gundalai gariig ni atgaad "manai Ardchilliig uneheer demjmeer baigaa yum bol bidniig vizguy bolgoj uguurey" gesen yum gene lee. Terniig ni Enkhbayar end davtaj dotoodiin PR hiiv uu yav (Bush medeej yamar ch tohioldold uguy, bolomjguy gej helehguy). Gehdee ene neleed naashtay shiidegdeh asuudal gesen sanaag "uchir medeh hun"-ees (:P) sonsch baisan. Huviihaa zugees bol enend neg ih itgeltey bish baigaa.

Ajiglaad baihad yamar negen orond uzuuleh viznii hungulultuu Amerikchuud ediin zasgiin baidliig ni harj baij uzuuleed baih shig baigaan. Jishee ni Slovene baina. Minii sonssonoor irged ni Amerik ruu 30 honog vizguy zorchdog gesen. Bas sayhan EU-d elssen Bolgar, Rumin oiroltsoogoor 3 jiliin daraa Amerik ruu bas l vizguy zorchdog boloh gej baigaa. Manaihnii huvid bol Afrikiin heden orontoy zuuzay holbochihood ingej hamaaguy palhiitel ni avaad hayachihaj bolohguy baih aa.