Thursday, December 09, 2010

Cartoon of the Day

Shog zuraach Tsogtbayariin buteel. Heterhii ih har ungu ashiglaad baidgaas bus sanaagaa herhen ilerhiilj bui ni bishirmeer!

By the way, the cartoon reminds me of a joke Zizek recounted in his book, Welcome to the Desert of the Real!:

There is a well-known Israeli joke about Bill Clinton visiting Bibi Netanyahu: when Clinton sees a mysterious blue phone in Bibi's office, he asks Bibi what it is, and Bibi answers that it allows him to dial Him up there in the sky. Upon his return to the States, the envious Clinton demands that his secret service should provide him with such a phone - at any cost. They deliver it within two weeks, and it works, but the phone bill is exorbitant - two million dollars for a one-minute talk with Him up there. So Clinton furiously calls Bibi and complains: 'How can you afford such a phone, if even we, who support you financially, can't? Is this how you spend our money?' Bibi answers calmly: 'No, it's not that - you see, for us, Jews, that call counts as a local call!' Interestingly, in the Soviet version of the joke, God is replaced by Hell: when Nixon visits Brezhnev and sees a special phone, Brezhnev explains to him that this is a link to Hell; at the end of the joke, when Nixon complains about the price of the call, Brezhnev calmly answers: 'For us in the Soviet Union, the call to Hell counts as a local call.'


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