Friday, July 24, 2009


Giotto's Crucifix (1290) in Basilica Santa Maria Novella, Firenze.
Nuutsaar avsan bolhoor jaahan muu garchihaj. Endees tomoor ni uzeerey.

This following passage was the first thing came to my mind when I was gazing at this beautiful work of art:

[T]he Jew forthwith replied:--"I think God owes them all an evil recompense: I tell thee, so far as I was able to carry my investigations, holiness, devotion, good works or exemplary living in any kind was nowhere to be found in any clerk; but only lewdness, avarice, gluttony, and the like, and worse, if worse may be, appeared to be held in such honour of all, that (to my thinking) the place is a centre of diabolical rather than of divine activities. To the best of my judgment, your Pastor, and by consequence all that are about him devote all their zeal and ingenuity and subtlety to devise how best and most speedily they may bring the Christian religion to nought and banish it from the world. And because I see that what they so zealously endeavour does not come to pass, but that on the contrary your religion continually grows, and shines more and more clear, therein I seem to discern a very evident token that it, rather than any other, as being more true and holy than any other, has the Holy Spirit for its foundation and support. For which cause, whereas I met your exhortations in a harsh and obdurate temper, and would not become a Christian, now I frankly tell you that I would on no account omit to become such. Go we then to the church, and there according to the traditional rite of your holy faith let me receive baptism."
Boccaccio's The Decameron: First Day, Second Novel


Tea time said...

lucky bastard! Yaj salgalj yavj baigaad Giotto-iin sculpture ochood uzchihdeg bainaa?