Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This and That

Looks like I wasn't the only one who noted the similarities between RFK's and BO's campaigns :D Washington Post's Anne Applebaum saw their striking similarities as well (she even cited the exact same article :P)

The politician-as-rock-star is nothing new, of course. Some of that same celebrity charisma—not so much messianic as pop-iconic—also drew cheering, fainting crowds to Bobby Kennedy's primary campaign in 1968. According to historian Thurston Clarke, after one RFK speech "waves of students rushed the platform, knocking over chairs and raising more dust. They grabbed at him, stroking his hair and ripping his shirtsleeves." Some of the same mix was in the air at that time, too: youth, hope, change, racial progress. The 1968 primary campaign, RFK had even declared, was about "not simply the leadership of our party and even our country. It is [about] our right to the moral leadership of this planet."
+ Barack to Reality by Christopher Hitchens + Greg Mankiw on Obama's economic advisers

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Anonymous said...

Primary ehelsen uyes l Obamag Bobby Kennedytei zuirlej baisan. Hillary Clinton bur neg udaa songuuliin ur dun haashaa ch ergej bolno, RFK primary duusaagui baihad aluulsan geh utgatai zuil heleed mash ih shuumjleld ortsoniig sanaj baina uu. Obamag RFK-tei adil huvi zaya huleej baina gej hint-lsen zuil bolloo gej humuus durguitssen. RFK-iin helsen ugnuudiig sonsoj baihad ter hun amid baigaad President bolood uil hergee urgeljluulsen bol USA bolon delhii arai oor golidroloor yavah baisan bolov uu gej haramsah setgel tordog yum.