Monday, June 23, 2008

Food Crisis Extra

An excellent interactive feature from Financial Times on recent food crisis:

The global food crisis - yalanguya "Civil Unrest", "Trade Balance" gesen hesguudiig ni anzaaraaray

+ Why Are Food Prices Rising?

P.S: Hervee Facebook-d burtgeltey bol Financial Times-iig uneguy zahialj boloh ni, yay! - Financial Times Free Student Subscription Offer


Ganzorig V. said...

Edgeer medeelliig analyze hiigeed Mongoliin bdaltai holbood bichvel ih sonirholtoi dur zuragnuud garah bh daa?

Anonymous said...

too bad you wont be able to make it to see him :)


Anonymous said...

enuugeer buun hog toos l baih shiv dee,