Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This and That

Weekly Columnist for FT Wealth James Altucher + Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner on him (ene Altucher gej ih sonirholtoy zuils bichdeg nuhur baina; finance sonirhdog humuus TheStreet.com deerh bichleguud bolon Stockpikr deerh portfolio-nuudiig ni sonirhoj uzeerey)

Most people’s pictures of globalisation are to do with economics, technology and business. But before markets, modems and manufacturers could do their work, political changes had to take place. The foundations of the globalised business world are political – and so are the biggest threats to the system.

The challenge to the globalisation consensus comes from below. Political elites in the US, Asia and Europe are struggling to convince citizens that globalisation is not just a game that benefits the rich. If the argument is lost in any of the major world economies, the political consensus that underpins globalisation could unravel.
The political threats to globalisation

[...] we have an idea of market fundamentalism, which is now the dominant ideology, holding that markets are self-correcting; and this is false because it's generally the intervention of the authorities that saves the markets when they get into trouble. Since 1980, we have had about five or six crises: the international banking crisis in 1982, the bankruptcy of Continental Illinois in 1984, and the failure of Long-Term Capital Management in 1998, to name only three.

Each time, it's the authorities that bail out the market, or organize companies to do so. So the regulators have precedents they should be aware of. But somehow this idea that markets tend to equilibrium and that deviations are random has gained acceptance and all of these fancy instruments for investment have been built on them.
The Financial Crisis: An Interview with George Soros - George Soros shares his financial wisdom

Running Out of Planet to Exploit by Krugman - quite gloomy outlook indeed...

“ТУУЛАХ ЗАМ УРТ“ - Yurunhii Said asan Byambasuren guayn yariltslaga. Deehne Han-Uul Deed Surguuliin Demberel "Mongold hoyorhon jinhene ediin zasagch bii: neg ni Jasrai, nuguu ni Byambasuren" gej helj baisan udaatay. Hervee bolomjtoy bol Byambasuren guayn "Orchlongiin Hurd" nomiig zaaval unshaaray--magadguy 20-r zuunii tugsgul uyeiin Mongoliin hamgiin lut buteel baij medne.

As Economy Slows, So Do Laser Eye Surgeries - Haraa muutay humuust (ter zuun tald baigaa "Science Illustrated: Lasik Surgery" gedeg deer Lasik surgery-g ih goyoor tailbarlasan baina)

How to get a job in the foreign-policy world

"The Wizard of Bubbleland" Henry C K Liu on Alan Greenspan

Tim Harford's top 10 undercover economics books

BBC World Service 75th Anniversary: Historic Moments Collection

Politics at Play on Martha’s Vineyard :)

Today's Video: Conrad Tao performing Prokofiev's Piano Concerto #3 (Prokofiev-iig 13 nastay huuhed togloj baina geheer arai l aimar yum--gar ni zugeer l hiischiishd hehe) + The Tao of Early Musical Success
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