Thursday, April 10, 2008

This and That

In fact, for most of its history, Islamic law offered the most liberal and humane legal principles available anywhere in the world. [...] It sometimes seems as if we need Shariah as Westerners have long needed Islam: as a canvas on which to project our ideas of the horrible, and as a foil to make us look good
Why Shariah?

Gloomy About Globalization by Robert Skidelsky (Keynes-iin biographer nuhur mun uu?)

Play It Again, Sam (Re-enactments, Part One) by Errol Morris, maker of "A Brief History of Time"

What I.Q. doesn't tell you about race by Malcolm Gladwell

Interview with Robert Solow

Jazzing Up the Big Screen (My Blueberry Nights davguy kino bolson baina lee)

My System of Work (Not!)” by Avinash Dixit via Levitt's ECON421 course site

The coming financial pandemic + The Recession Felt Around the World by Nouriel Roubini

The Once and Future Kissinger via Jai Singh of FP's Passport

And this one is especially for Achka: Natural History by Andrew Bird (currently he's co-writing this NYTimes blog on "how to write a song and other mysteries" :))


Ачболд said...

Thanks for the link! I like Andrew Bird. Those whistling intros are so cool.