Saturday, March 31, 2007

This and That

Good news! The Economist ene doloo honogt uneguy bolj baigaa yum baina (ta yurduu gantshan simple survey bugluud l boloo). As Confidence once remarked, "a great chance to get less ignorant!"

"Seize the moment!"

"Identity Theft"-iin talaarh gants hoyor zuils:

SIERRA on "Identity Theft Protection"
The Economist Top Story, "Lax Maxx: Stealing customers’ data still seems all too easy"
"Identity Crisis" by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt on The New York Times Magazine
Further information about the article on Freakonomics

Postscriptum: Listen to "various Jazz and Jazz-related bands and gigs in Mongolia"
PostPostScriptum: Oasis-iin deer duridsan "Stop The Clocks" albumiig sonsohod uneheer uramtay bailaa! Endees CD1, CD2-g ni tataj avaaray.

Gluck ;)


Confidence of Youth said...

... check to learn whether Amy Weiss is really Amy Weiss or if perhaps she is really Vlad.

Anonymous said...

hehe, chotgoruudtei polka, chacha, walts... edr bujigleh goyo shuu, kkk

Anonymous said...

hicheel nomd daragdaad saaral ongo edrt orood hereg algaa,