Monday, February 26, 2007

Beth Orton

British Rock is incomparable (setgelgeenii huvid ch, hugjmiin huvid ch). Hail Beth Orton! "Perhaps she is the most underrated singer/songwriter of our time."


Alastair said...

You have stumbled on a great truth here!

But there are advantages for our greatest singer/songwriter in not being yet as famous as her work deserves.

Fame, after all is a greatly overrated commodity and plays havoc with one's private life!

There is, however, an army of devoted Beth fans out here - possibly the nicest & most fun people in the whole world - who are well aware of our good fortune!

In time the rest of the world will catch up. I see Beth's influence growing & growing in the years and decades to come, just as thirty-five years ago I knew in my bones that one day Nick Drake's genius would be fully recognised!

Tuvshin said...

Thank you Alastair for your comment. And it's really nice to see a fellow Beth fan in my blog :)

For the rest of you who's interested in Beth Orton, you can get some of her live performance songs from here