Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Ten Commandments for Choosing a Spouse"

1. Remember that you are Mongol.
2. If of sound stock, do not remain unwed.
3. Keep your body pure.
4. Keep spirit and soul pure.
5. As a Mongol, choose only a spouse of the same blood.
6. When choosing your spouse, look into their lineage.
7. Health is precondition for physical beauty.
8. Marry only out of love.
9. Don't look for a playmate but for a companion for marriage.
10. Wish for as many children as possible.


mish said...

Ireeduid ehiin erht ovog ruu yavj hatan zugii shig amidrana aa za. :)

baynaa said...

Uneheer saihan uudrug zuils baina

tsatsrala said...

nah, what a bureaucratic marriage rule!