Sunday, December 29, 2013

An Underrated Classic

Анхны харц аадар бороо
Алаг цэцэгс анхилуун дэлбээ
Алдарсайхан чамтай минь нийлээд
Ая дууны минь айзам буюу

Monday, December 23, 2013

Gobbet of the Day

When I wrote the first words of A. F. I had been already for years and years thinking in English. I began to think in English long before I mastered, I won't say the style, (I haven't done that yet) but the mere uttered speech. Is it thinkable that anybody possessed of some effective inspiration should contemplate for a moment such a frantic thing as translating it into another tongue? And there are also other considerations: such as the sheer appeal of the language, my quickly awakened love for its prose cadences, a subtle and unforeseen accord of my emotional nature with its genius [...] You may take it from me that if I had not known English I wouldn't have written a line for print in my life. C. and I were discussing the nature of the two languages and what I said was: that if I had been offered the alternative I would have been afraid to grapple with French which is crystallised in the form of its sentences and therefore more exacting and less appealing...
from Joseph Conrad's letter to Hugh Walpole, June 7th, 1918

Thought of the day

Lofty goals have often produced research and teaching that is further and further removed from the day-to-day operations of government. While the field is so disparate that “it’s hard to talk about public policy schools as a whole,” Slaughter cautions, she and other school leaders identify certain trends, including a renewed zeal for quantitative analysis. [...] The new emphasis on big data is reminiscent of the Progressive idea that if we just gather enough information, the policy conclusions will be obvious to all.
The problem with public policy schools

we are up to our ears in public policy analysis but have not paid enough attention to old-fashioned public administration. While the US government many decades ago invested in schools of public administration to train professionals for government service, this function has atrophied in recent years. Virtually all public administration programs have evolved into public policy programs, where all the money and prestige is. Public policy analysis is dominated by economists who use sophisticated econometric techniques to design optimal policies. And yet, as most people who have actually served in government understand all too well, the real problem is less often knowing what to do, but rather the difficulty of getting the machinery of government to produce desired outcomes. The world of actual policy practice is a world of constraints that they don’t teach you about in many public policy programs. Many of these constraints are political in nature, so it you don’t understand the politics, you won’t get to execute your policies.
Frank Fukuyama - “It’s Not the Business Plan but the Execution”

Friday, December 20, 2013

Quote of the Day

Монголчуудын сэтгэлгээ нээлттэй хэвээр ажээ.

Хэдий тийм боловч монголчууд өрнийн соёлоос тасарсан, жүүд-христийн соёл иргэншлийн нөлөөнөөс дэндүү хол, өрнийн агуу ном зохиолын талаар ойлголт нимгэнтэй. Хэрвээ тэд Орос, Хятадын завсарт хавчуулагдсан хэвээрээ удваас үзэл суртлын хүүхэлдэй болон хувирч болзошгүй.

Тэгэх аваас халуун сэтгэлтэй, эрэлхэг энэ ард түмний хувьд төдийгүй чөлөөт ертөнцийн хувьд эмгэнэлтэй.
Гадаад Монголд зорчсон нь - УИЛЬЯМ О. ДУГЛАС

Monday, December 02, 2013

Quote of the Day

after all, a human being is a constantly evolving open question rather than a definitive answer, a fluid self only trapped by the labels applied from without [...] It’s also, however, hopelessly human to try to interpret others and assign them into categories based on the “scraps of evidence” they bequeath. I was certainly not immune to this tendency [...] The beauty and magnetism of Vivian Maier: Self-Portraits is that it leaves you with your own interpretations, not with definitive answers but with crystalline awareness of Maier’s elusive selfhood.
Mysterious Street Photographer Vivian Maier’s Self-Portraits