Monday, April 27, 2009

A Lesson to Learn (from Chile)

Uls turchduus odoogiin Mongoliin ediin zasgiin hyamrald chuham hen buruutayg asuuh tsag negent bolson baimaar. Medeej end gadaad huchin zuil mash tom uureg guitsetgesen ni yalt ch uguy unen. Gehdee ene ni bid hyamraliig odoogiinhoos hamaaguy hohirol bagataygaar surj zogsoh bolomj baigaaguy gesen ug bish ee. Harin ch esregeeree, hervee zesiin uniin usultuus orj irsen iheehen hemjeenii mungiig zuv zohistoygoor zohitsuulsan bol odoo udiid baidal ogt ondoo baih bailaa. Haramsaltay l baina.

Ungursun baasan garagt bidend mash surgamjtay baij medeheer Chile-iin turshlagiin talaar Bloomberg deer niitlel garch. Tovchhondoo bol niitlel deer Chile-iin sangiin said Andres Velasco zesiin une undur tsagt uls turiin shahaltiin esreg herhen zorigtoygoor zogson DNB-iin 30%-tay tentseh mungiig tsaash ni avch hadgalsan ni odoo Chile-iin ediin zasgiin amind ni orj dan gants hyamraliig ersdel bagataygaar davan tuulah bolomjiig olgood zogsohguy ediin zasgiin eyreg uzuuleltuudiig bas avchirch bui tuhai duridjee:

The Chilean peso has risen almost 10 percent against the dollar this year to become the best-performing currency among emerging markets. The country’s economy is expected to grow 0.1 percent in 2009, as the region contracts 1.5 percent, according to the International Monetary Fund. [...]When Velasco joined Bachelet’s new cabinet in March 2006, the price of copper had risen by more than half in 12 months to $2.25 a pound. Taxes and profits from state-owned Codelco, the world’s largest copper producer, provide about 15 percent of government revenue. Bachelet, 57, Chile’s second consecutive socialist president, came under almost immediate pressure to start spending the revenue. Students went on strike in May of that year, demanding more money for education. More than 800,000 people protested at high schools and universities, and police with water cannons and tear gas arrested more than 1,000. Velasco reiterated his commitment to “prudent fiscal policies” as politicians from the governing coalition demanded he resign.
Mungu l oldoj baival baruun solgoiguy tsatsah uchirtay gej oilgodog manaihand Chile-iin ene turshlaga mash tom surgamj boloh uchirtay.

Nuguu talaasaa enehuu surgamj ni uls turchdud ch bas ashigtay yum. Harvard-iin Dani Rodrick blog deeree Velasco-giin talaar ingej bichij:
And does good economics pay off politically? Eventually, yes. Five months after being burned in effigy, Velasco is currently President Bachelet's most popular minister.
Yag odoo yurunhiilugchiin songuulid ner devshigchdees tusviin iluudel mungiig uls turiin zorilgoor haa hamaaguy tsatssan humuust herhen arga hemjee avah talaar asuulga tavij muriin hutulburt ni tusguulah heregtey. Yadaj ene udaad tedgeer humuustey tootsoo boddogguy yum aa gehed daraagiin udaad iim yavdal dahin garguulahguy baih undsiig ni battay tavij uguh ni mash chuhal.

Addendum: The Global Downturn Lands With a Zud on Mongolia's Nomads - WSJ report on Mongolia (via Dulguun)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Waste Land

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.
Winter kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
A little life with dried tubers.

T.S. Eliot himself reading The Waste Land

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Articles of the Day

First, Use Plain English: The author of On Writing Well recalls how he taught Yale students to cut through the clutter.
Visions and Revisions: Writing On Writing Well and keeping it up-to-date for 35 years

The new, post-print literary media are certainly amenable to brevity. The blog post and the tweet may be ephemeral rather than lapidary, but the culture in which they thrive is fed by a craving for more narrative and a demand for pith. And just as the iPod has killed the album, so the Kindle might, in time, spur a revival of the short story. If you can buy a single song for a dollar, why wouldn’t you spend that much on a handy, compact package of character, incident and linguistic invention? Why wouldn’t you collect dozens, or hundreds, into a personal anthology, a playlist of humor, pathos, mystery and surprise?
The death of the novel is yesterday’s news. The death of print may be tomorrow’s headline. But the great American short story is still being written, and awaits its readers.
In Praise of the American Short Story - A.O.Scott on American short story

PAPER TIGERS: What media moguls make

HONEST, DECENT, WRONG: The invention of George Orwell by Louis Menand
Notes on Nationalism by George Orwell
Books vs. Cigarettes by George Orwell
A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell

I keep saying the sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians. People think I’m joking, but who would’ve guessed that computer engineers would’ve been the sexy job of the 1990s? The ability to take data—to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, to communicate it—that’s going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades, not only at the professional level but even at the educational level for elementary school kids, for high school kids, for college kids. Because now we really do have essentially free and ubiquitous data. So the complimentary scarce factor is the ability to understand that data and extract value from it.
Hal Varian on how the Web challenges managers

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Living in Berlin

Best of the Wurst