Thursday, October 16, 2008

This and That (bit sardonic stuffs this time)

Ungursun zun eniig unshchihaad NYU-giin Nouriel Roubini gej neg aimar serioznii gar baidag gesen tusuulultey bolchihson baisan. Tegsen chini according to this blog: "It's time to call bullshit. The image of Dr. Doom may satisfy the needs of the media and partygoers this Halloween—but Roubini is anything but dour" genee hahaha. Btw, I've always had a hunch that economists are inherently uber-cool people :P

Looks like the Republican Party needs a new Barry Goldwater or William Buckley. Christopher Buckley (William Buckley-iin huu) gets "fathwahed" because of his endorsement of Obama--a modern day Judas tale? + Henry Paulson, Socialist

Will somebody please leave this poor woman alone? + She's Back