Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An admirable post by Gideon Rachman

Very informative yet entertaining. A top-notch writing by Gideon Rachman. I admire you all out of proportions, Mr. Rachman! :-D

My Davos nights

I knew it was a good idea to go to the “classic clarets” dinner. Some crazed benefactor had donated an extraordinary collection of wines for us to taste: Latour 1952, Lafite 1962, Cheval Blanc 1975 – and six others.

Seated next to me was Victor Yanukovitch, the prime minister of Ukraine. Since we do not share a common language, we were unable to exchange the usual chit-chat – “faint whiff of pencil shavings” – that sort of thing. In the event, he had to leave half-way through. This was a lucky break for me, since he left behind unfinished samples of Latour and Lafite, which I swiftly poured into my own tasting glasses. It did cross my mind that there have been some unpleasant cases of poisoning involving politicians from this part of the world – so I hesitated briefly before knocking back Yanukovitch’s left-overs. But what the hell, you don’t get to taste Latour every day. I’m pretty sure I got away with it. I do feel fairly appalling this morning - but I think it’s just a standard issue hang-over.

After the clarets dinner, it was over to the Belvedere Hotel, where the “young global leaders” were having a drinks party in an igloo – to underline their concern about global warming. I got into discussion with a young guy, who informed me that he might be about to become prime minister of Serbia. Perhaps I looked sceptical, because he then said – “or maybe deputy prime minister.” I’ve got his card, anyway.

Talking of future prime ministers, I then spotted the leader of the Britain’s Tories at the other side of the room. Emboldened by nine glasses of classic claret plus four Margeritas, I glided over to speak to David Cameron. But we hadn’t been talking long before we were interrupted by some gushing German, who launched into an absurdly over-the-top tribute to Cameron – “I admire you sir, I wish you good fortune, you are the future of our continent” – that sort of thing. Cameron nodded politely and whispered out of the side of his mouth – “Don’t laugh”, which rather endeared him to me.

At this point, there was a further interruption. A young global leader announced that we now had to listen to a discussion on climate change between Shimon Peres and Claudia Schiffer. (I’m not making this up.) I headed for the bar, since although there are many things that I find interesting about Claudia Schiffer, her views on climate change are not among them. When I got back a little later, the discussion was over. An American friend of mind announced in a determined voice, “I’m going to go over and make a pass at Claudia Schiffer.” She walked over to Schiffer and when I left, the two of them were indeed engaged in an animated conversation. But I doubt it went any further. Just guessing.

But the prize for the most peculiar thing to happen to me at Davos on Thursday goes to the enforced prayer session I was roped into. I was walking through the Congress Centre, when an Israeli I met on the bus to Davos came up to me and said – “You’re Jewish right.” I cautiously agreed to this proposition, at which point he informed me that he was rounding up 10 Jews to say prayers for his late father.

Before I knew it, I was ushered into a side room and a paper napkin was placed over my head. In the same room were a couple of rabbis with impressive beards, as well as Robert Winston, the father of IVF fertility treatment and fellow FT columnist, Jacob Weisberg. In my confusion, I turned to Weisberg and said – “I didn’t even know that Robert Winston was Jewish”, to which he replied evenly – “It’s certainly looking that way, Gideon.” When the prayers started, I turned to Jacob again and muttered – “What do I do now?” He replied – “Stand still and don’t check your e-mail until it’s over.” This ranks as the best piece of advice I have yet received at Davos.

Now I have to go and take notes on the CEO forum on talent. Can’t wait.

On Contemporary Mongolian Music

Yur ni yavj yavj Mongold suuliin uyed ene heden alternative rock hamtlaguud ni hamgiin davguy duulaad baigaa yum bish uu. Saya ene The Lemons geed hamtlagiin shine garsan heden duug sonsloo. Yur ni ih davguy, haanahiin yamar ch hund sonsgoson nuur ulaihaarguy. Clip ni hurtel gadnii yamar ch hamtlaguudaas dutahaarguy, neg tiim shiniig erelhiilsen murtuu uchir ni oilgogdohguy zambaraaguy bish.

Yur ni minii bodloor hamgiin anh Night Train-iig garch irseneer Mongoliin alternative rock-iin hugjil shine tuvshindee garch irsen baih (ali esvel Madness-ees ch ehelsen baij boloh). Uneniig helehed bi Night Train-ii "Tsenher Shuvuu" album-iig yamar ch gadaadiin hund Mongolchuud henees dutahguy geed nuur bardam uzuuldeg (duunuudiinh ni chanar, album cover, computer deer garch irdeg flash nemeltuud geed buh yum ni). Bas ted nariin "Zuulun" geed duug ni sonsohleer neg tiim Oasis-iin "Whatever"-iig sanagduulam, huchtey, erh chuluutey, shine huuchniig havsarsan medremj turuuldeg. Za ter clipiinh ni huvid bol "minii dalii medremjeer" Mongold hiigdsen hamgiin sain clip! Odoo boltol uun shig shiniig erelhiilsen hiigeed guitseh zuraglaltay clip Mongoliin hamtlag duuchdaas garch ireeguy l baina.

Neeree saya Mongold ochood ene Altan Urag gej mundag hamtlagiig uurtuu "ilruulev"! Uneheer gaihamshigtay! Duunuudiinh ni tsar huree, duugaaralt ni uneheer bishruulem. Gehdee tednii enehuu gaihamshig ni gants mundag hugjim zohiodog eshuul mundag hugjimddugt ni baigaa yum bish. Harin orchin uyeiin dayarshliin nuhtsuld ardiin urlag geech zuiliig shine zuunii tuvshind ni gargaj irsen ni mash chuhal ololt. Neg yosondoo unuuh Thomas Friedman-ii heleed baidag "The Lexus and The Olive Tree" hoyoriig mundagaar hosluulj chadsan gaihaltay jishee. Manai busad salbariinhan ch gesen uunees ih zuil suruushtay.

Za ter hip-hop nariin talaar bol heleh ug alga daa (gehdee Masta Flow bol end exception). Ter hamgiin sain geed baigaa Tatar, Lumino-giinh ni clip-iig ni uzsen chini yu ve? Ee buu uzegd, GOD FORBID! Yum l bol neg shaldan huuhen bogsoo camert naagaal, arhiig huvin huvingaar ni tsutgaal, tsus nujinduu hutgaltadlaa zodoldool. WTF? Mongoliin orchin uyeiin aesthetic sensibility tiim dooshoogoo orchihson yum uu?