Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We have sex, but we also have Linux

Sain baitsgaana uu?

Blogoo ergej toirohguy mun ch udlaa daa, minii blog sain suuj baiv uu gesen :P

Yutay ch odoo baingiin internettey bolson tul blogoo hicheeliinhee zavsar zaigaar bainga tordoj baih bolnoo

Ene udaad sonirholtoy baij tun medeheer negen niitleliig tavilaa...

What is Linux? If you have to ask this question now, you haven't been paying due attention to the computer world. Short answer: It's a full-spec no compromise PC-UNIX, POSIX (an industry standard) compliant and freeware. Freeware doesn't mean it's cost-less (although it is priceless, literally). It means that you can freely re-distribute and/or change it. Linux itself is just the kernel, which is the core of an Operating System (OS). In order to make it usable at all, you need to add many programs from the GNU project, which is THE freeware project. Therefore, it is common to refer it as GNU/Linux system

Urgeljleliig ni endees uzeerey

Tuunees gadna ene ih marzan site bna. Dor hayaj l englishee saijruulahad duhum bolj medne :)

P.S: Ego-Wrappin' -d talarhav

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